Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tag, I'm it!

I've been seeing this lil game going on around the Blogland. One blogger writes a bunch of questions and tags fellow bloggers in the post, then the people they tag have to answer and tag more bloggers, etc. It looks fun and because I'm a new lil baby blog, I didn't think I'd get a chance to participate until I got on my feet, started eating whole foods and going potty in the big kid toilet.  But then StarlitViolets over at Violet Delights  hit a big mile stone the other day. She got 50 followers (it's up to 53 today so the word about her awesome blog must have spread!)

I'd give her some martinis if I could.

In honor of her blogcomplishment, she tagged all of her followers in this game. Which made me excited because now I can play with the rest of the kids! So here goes nothing:

1. If you were a member of the Brady Bunch, the Scooby Doo clan, or The Flinstones, which character would you be? Why?

I'd be Jenny Jerkface...uh.... I mean Velma
I'd be Velma. Because her and Jenny Jerkface kinda look alike and Jenny Jerkface rocks my socks. But also because she's smart and if I'm going to be any cartoon character, I'd like her not to be a dumbass.

2. What is the one food in this world that exists solely to torture you?
Thanksgiving food tortures me year round. In 8th grade, I discovered Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday when one day in mid-September, I got a craving for it and that craving never went away. A few years ago I starting to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house (all except for the turkey....I'd probably end up killing the entire family with salmonella) and have been doing it every year since. I don't know what it is about this damn holiday that has me drooling 12 months out of the year but it's awesome.

3. Explain to us, in detail, the strangest thing you've ever eaten and how you came to eat it.

Chocolate Chip Sandwich... better than it sounds. So much better.
One night me and the laaaadies ( Demanda and Daisy Darkside) were over at Daisy's house pre-drinking heavily getting ready to go out. We were hungry and Daisy pulled out some crap that made me think, "is this girl crazy?" (the answer is yes. Always yes.) and whipped up a chocolate chip sandwich. And that shit was goooooood. She hasn't made it since. But I'm going over to her house for halloween so I'm hoping for the best. (yep, thats a hint!)

4. How often do you read for pleasure (and I'm NOT hinting at fanfic here, you dirty h00rs! But ff counts as pleasure reading, just an EXTRA dose of pleasure!)?

I googled "reading for pleasure" and this came up. Yes, please!
I try to read every day. I have books galore in my room, in my closet, in my carport, in my storage. I don't know why but reading has always been a special thing to me. Actually, I guess I do know why. My grandma used to read to me allll the time when I was little. I learned to read at a very young age and would often finish a book in a day when I was growing up. She passed away when I was 5 but I will always cherish the time spent with her and be grateful for the fact she read to me as much as she did.

5. Alice in Wonderland. The first or second incarnation from Disney?
First one, fo sho!
Call me crazy, but Alice in Wonderland kinda creeps me out. Sure, I watched it when I was a kid and my mom even made me a cute Alice in Wonderland costume when I was in elementary school. But something about it is eerie to me...and the newest version looks like it's creepville 2009. Or whenever it came out. For the record, I'm calling this movie creepy but I looked like the child from Poltergeist. Not scary at all.
Not me.

6. Describe the place in your house where you usually sit to induldge in all the bloggy/Twitter fun.
This is what my bed looks like. Minus the pink throw pillows. 
I spend my twitter/blog/ff time in my bed because I'm too lazy comfy to go up to the rest of the house. Plus if I unplug my computer, it dies. It's THAT awesome.

7. What is your favorite fairy tale or childhood storybook?

Best ever!

  It was a tough choice between The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. But then I decided since I own The Little Mermaid, know all the words to it, and watched it several times a day that it would make more sense as my favorite. Plus it has a picture of a penis on the cover.

Alrighty, well there are my answers. Hope you all enjoyed reading them and learning a lil something about me! I know most of you bloggers out there have already played this game but if not, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Here are my questions:

1. Did you ever have any weird habits when you were a kid? (eating glue, crayons, peeing in the corner, etc.)
2. What are your two biggest pet peeves?
3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and where?
4. What is your best feature and quality?
5. Are you scared of anything and if so, what?
6. What is your guilty pleasure hobby?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life Lessons Learned From A Birthday Girl.

Yeah, f'ing sexy.

So today is my platonic life partner's last twenty something birthday (for the slooow readers out there, this means she's twenty nine).  For those of you who know us, you get how we are. But people who don't REEEALLY know us outside of blogs/twitter/fb don't know the story behind our weird ass friendship.

Manda and I have been friends since 7th grade when I met her hanging out by my cheerleading practice. She was wearing tennis shoes with no socks, yellow jean shorts and a black shirt. My first thought was she's got some awesome style that this girl looked like a mix between Sandra Bullock and Gabby Hoffman when she was in Now and Then (if you havent seen it, you really should. Cute movie.) Amanda was loud and had more energy than a 8 year old hopped up on soda and candy but she was sweet and two favorite things in a friend. She was also kinda ghetto but I guess that comes from growing up in Oakland. We became friends fast within our little group known by teacher's as "Ladies of the Club" and we spend our 8th grade year doing makeup in class instead of homework.  High school flew by fast and we remained friends throughout sports, boyfriends, cliques and everything else. After graduating we decided to move away to a little coastal town where a lot of kids from our high school ventured off to college. Since then we've had some wacky unreal experiences that often make us think "did that JUST happen?!" because they usually include some random stuff that no one would ever believe unless they were there. We've lived together off and on since college, usually seperating every few years or so for a very short period of time but then always moving back in together. Our parents often joke we should just get married...which would be cool and all if we didn't like penis. But that's kind of a deal breaker, ya know?

We do make a good heterosexual couple.
Well enough rambling. That was me telling you our little history. Now for the fun part. Last year on Amanda's bday, I wrote on her facebook page  "28 Things I'm hoping she's learned in life." This year I've decided to change it up. So here it goes.

29 things I've learned from Amanda

With Vitamin R comes wisdom

Note: Some of these are inside jokes so I've tried to explain as much as possible. And some just can't be explained so you'll just have to pretend to get it.

1.  A "green card" is off-white.
    Explanation- Amanda googled this one day because these are the kinds of things we talk about when there's nothing else to talk about. We never run out of conversation topics. For reals.

2.  If you fall down the stairs, you usually don’t have to announce it...people probably heard you.
      Explanation- One day Amanda and her mom were standing in the kitchen which is RIGHT next to the stairs in our condo. I walked out of the kitchen and she claimed she heard "crash, boom, tumble, crash, boom!" and then silence. Then I announced " I JUST FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!!!" to which Amanda replied "No shit!"

3.  In the song "Bills Bills Bills" by Destiny's Child, Beyonce does NOT say she wants to break her knee so she can't move.
     Explanation- I thought those were the lyrics. Discovered they were not when Amanda busted out laughing at me while singing (or maybe it was just because I have the voice of a dying bird). Apparently the lyrics are "break my lease so I can move". I think breaking her knee is a better idea. But that's just my opinion.

4.  (This is more like a story than a lesson but I feel like I need to share it anyway) "I was born on October 18th, 1981 in Oakland, CA. The doctor was a headless man who had a punkin as a head. And he rode around on a horsie. Then he had long hair on his punkin head and it hung out the window so someone tried to climb up it all the time but couldnt so they just brushed it all day long. And then we heard a gun shot and saw a bunch of deer."
     Explanation- I LOVE the show Lost. Love love love it. Amanda doesn't. So anytime it was on, she would start telling me random stories to try and distract me from the show. This was her first and most amazing story yet. Still makes me cry tears of laughter everytime I read it.

5.  Always ask Jesus what's new with him when praying. Because he may want to talk about himself for once.

6.  Don't put glitter makeup on after drinking. Ever.

7.  People really CAN be friends for a zillion years and never get in a fight.  (This is true. We've fought like 3 times. Once over food, once over the fact that Barnes and Noble isn't called "Barnes and NobleS" and car keys. All of these fights lasted less than 5 minutes.)

8.  Calamari is squid. (I didn't know this. Amanda did.)

9.  A garbage disposal is actually called "sink eater".

10. The word "absurd" is actually a feeling meaning floored, stunned, shocked, etc. Example- "I am Absurd!"- Amanda

11. A person is not "misunderstood". They are "un-understood." True story.

12.  When you drink tequila, you become tequila. Example: "I am tequila!" - Amanda

13.  An airplane is actually better referred to as "bird of death".

14. "Pulling your finger" is the same as "twisting your arm".

15. Throwing Mardi Gras beads at  your roomates head is a good way to wake them up in the morning (I disagree but maybe that's because I have brain injuries from getting woken up by being whipped in the skull.)

16. Wigs are fun.

17.  If you eat a chocolate croissants, make sure to check the mirror when you're finished. Otherwise people will NOT tell you you look like you just got a dirty sanchez but instead, make you come to this realization 20 minutes after being out in public.

18. If you spray shaving cream all over someone's ceiling when drunk, blame it on someone else. In fact anything in life that you get caught doing, you should blame on someone else. (This last part was not something Amanda taught me but something we learned from others.)

19.  If you are going to take shots on new years eve, make sure they aren't double shots and make sure there aren't 11 of a time span of 10 minutes. FAIL!

20. If you ever have a ghost that attacks your bedroom at night, just put up a note like this and it will leave peacefully.

If you watch The Office, you'll get it. If's still cute, right?...RIGHT?!?
 21.  In every refrigerator, there must be a shelf labeled "Stuff we put on things".

22. Math school is a REAL school. Below is the convo where Amanda helped me come to this realization:
   Amanda- "Man, we've been out of high school for almost 10 years. We're old as dirt!"
   Jamie- "Um, pretty sure dirt is older than 10 years."
   Amanda- "We're older than 10 Jamie. You need to go back to Math School."
   Jamie- "Math school? You say that like its a real school."

23.  You can tell the cops you murdered someone. They will let you go but they probably won't think it's as funny as you do.
        Explanation:  One night, a block from our house, Amanda went out to have a drink. Less than an hour later, she called me to come pick her up. When I picked her up, she told me how a cop pulled her over for walking home drunk and asked for her licesne. When she gave it to him, she joked "I sure hope my murder conviction doesn't come up!" Yeahhhh....she's a genuis! :)

24. Anyone can pull off an afro and a 'stache!

Pulling. It. Off.

25. People shouldn't bring babies on planes. They should just ship them to their location instead. Apparently.

26.  Always keep a spare sock in your car. You never know when you might have an accident such as melted eye liner...or having to potty.

27.  If your theme song is "Shots" by Lil'll be hating life the next day. Big time.

28.  If you don't know what something is, call it a mermaid.  To understand this, watch this Twilight parody. Hilarious. And you'll never look at Alice in the baseball scene the same.

29.  Always, ALWAYS over-celebrate your birthday!!

Well, that's it. Hope you have an AMAZING birthday Amanda and thank you for being SUCH an amazing friend throughout this insane life. Love you tons!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Pet Peeves

I've started to notice lately that I'm developing more and more pet peeves. It gets to the point that at least a few times a day I'll be thinking "FUCK! That REALLY bugs me." when it's something that doesn't even directly affect me.

This is how I feel. Only less furry.

 Maybe I need uppers. Or maybe I just need to calm the fuck down and relax a bit. Not sure really. All I know is that there are so many things that bug the shit out of me and so I've decided to share them with you. Maybe I'm not alone and just possibly these things make you want to punch a baby duck too.

This came up when I googled "Pet Peeve". People dressed as penis and balls is not a pet peeve. It's awesome.
 Loud Chewers: This has been my pet peeve FOREVER. Seriously, how difficult is it to eat with your mouth closed and not sound like you're chewing on gravel or sticking a screwdriver in a pencil sharpener?! I do it every meal of every day and so do millions of others. Close your damn mouth, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy the change since usually you can hear yourself eat and who wants to sound like a garbage disposal full of drywall screws**?? Maybe slow your roll and enjoy your food eh? Unless you'd enjoy a punch to the junk from yours truly.

Unless you're this guy, close your freakin mouth!

Snoring:  Oh. My. God. So. Annoying. I can't even stand movies where people snore. Snoring on commercials? Forget about it. I'll turn that shit off ASAP. If I have the horrible luck to be in a room or bed with someone who snores, I will toss and turn, then huff and puff like Bella Swan in her hospital bed. It's bad, kids. It's gotten to the point where I've yelled and left the room. Can't. Stand. It. Especially since I'm the lightest sleeper in the world. Someone could fart three blocks from my house and I'd wake up to cover my nose. Rediculous.

Where's this dog when I need him?!
 When people walk like apes: I've had days like this. Where your arms feel way too long for your body as they swing from side to side as you walk, almost hitting your knees. Totally normal. (k probably not normal but shhhhhh.) But when this happens to me, I pick up my long ass arms and fold them or put them in my pocket. I don't let them swing from front to back like I'm walking from the cave to find some firewood. People should do the same. It's not sexy.
At least only one of his arms looks stupid.
Mornings: Should be illegal. Honestly. If people are awake, out and about before 10am, they should be arrested. Morning people are the worst people on this planet to deal with. I'd like to wake them up at 2am being as Mary Fucking Sunshine as they are at 8am and ruin their perfect little sleep pattern.

Well that's it for today. I have many, many, many more pet peeves but I'm going to let them out little by little in hopes that you won't think I'm a giant asshole. It's probably too late for that though. Oh well. Until next time, chew quietly, sleep silently, walk standing straight up and don't wake me up until early afternoon.

Or I'll do this. And it won't taste good.
** This is from an episode of How I Met Your Mother called 'Spoiler Alert'. Freaking hilarious.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Oh Hai Blogland!

It's been a while cuz things have been caraaaaazy! (Yeah, I know it's spelled crazy. But I like to add the A before the R for an emphasis of just how Caraaaaazy it has been. So shoot me. Or don't. I don't want to die.)

I've been busy working, planning trips, a high school reunion, and other misc. things that I don't care to share because I doubt you care to hear about them.  But last weekend was the most awesome weekend of my twentysomething years of living so I MUST share that with you. Eventually. Meaning soon, after I get some sleep.

This awesome thing I am going to share with you is...wait for it..... wait some more.....sick of waiting....? My trip to FOOOOOORKS! I know, right?? Stoked!!!

Wait, what??? You don't know what Forks is??? Get off my blog and go pick up a copy of Twilight. Now. Go. SHOO!

Ok... hopefully you're gone if you don't know what Forks is. If you are still here because you either know what it is or WANT to know what it is, keep reading... cuz it's awesome.

So anyway, went to Forks, had the best time of my life, yada yada yada yada (I can't stop typing that word.) yada, yada. K, I stopped.

Anyway, I took this trip with my bestie best, Amanda. And like 130 other Twitards. I can't even begin to explain to you how awesome this trip is because I don't have the time and I traveled by car, boat, train, bus, plane for like a gazillion hours this past weekend so I need sleeps in order for my mind to recover so I'm not talkin all this nonsense. Just wanted to let you all know that an awesome blog will be appearing in the near future so look for it. Be on the edge of your seat. Cuz it's that good.

I'm gonna go now. And do this.

This isn't me. I used to hate redheads. Except for the ones I'm related to and friends with. And then I met STY and JJ and they changed my mind.

And I'll be dreaming of this.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I made out with Rpattz!!! (Sort of.)

Ahh it's Wednesday...hump day! Usually I would be stoked that it's semi-close to the weekend but today I just want to be in my bed, sleeping and dreaming of hot men who make me want to hump on this "hump day". It's not just because I love my sleep time, which I do....seriously I'm pretty sure I was born with chronic mono or narcalepsy. The main reason I want to be sleeping is because my dream of dating Rob Pattinson was interrupted by my stupid alarm clock.

The dream may not sound like much to some people but dude, even if I had a dream Robert Pattinson walked by me, accidentally tripped me and didn't even give a second glance as I was laying on the ground with a broken would still be a dream with Rpattz and is therefore better than all other dreams. In this dream I was staying at my dad and step mom's house and had to stay awake all night for some reason. About 5:00 in the morning two guys came in. One was Rpattz. Now, if this happened in real life, would elicit the reaction of "HOLY SHIT, ROBERT PATTINSON IS IN MY HOUSE!! I'M GONNA CRAP MY PANTS!" and then I'd need new pants. But for some reason I was cool and calm in my dream. THAT should have been my first sign that I was dreaming but I was oblivious. My mind probably told me "Hey Jamie, you're dreaming....and Rob Pattinson is in your dream so just pretend it's reality and don't wake up!!!"

The other guy (I can only assume was his manager or PR rep...something like that) and my dad told us we needed to rest for a few hours before we had to all leave to go somewhere and they left the house. Again, in real life I would be thinking "If Rpattz and I are in a bed resting....we aren't going to be 'resting'!!"
Would you be able to get sleep if you were laying next to him? Me either.

I was right...we didn't sleep, we did other things (Get your minds out of the gutter..but hehe I wish). We fell in and out of sleep (yes, in the same bed... it was fantastic!) and just layed there talking for hours. I know this may sound boring to some people but have you HEARD his accent??? The second he speaks, pants just fly off of woman everywhere, no joke! Way too soon, there was a knock on the door and we were told we needed to get up. We had to go to some conference but for some reason it looked more like a cafeteria mixed with a small college class. Don't mind makes it's own images. For some reason time had fast forwarded between us laying in the same bed and the conference because we were now sort of dating. I'm not gonna was awesome. Pure bliss and in my dream I was the happiest I've ever been. Yes I know this probably makes my life sad but I don't even care. At the conference we didn't sit near each other, I sat with my friend Amanda and he sat with Taylor Lautner. Like I said before, in real life I would be so star struck that I wouldn't be able to talk except to studder non-stop and form a bunch of non-words. In my dream I apparently was immune to their hotness and didn't care that they were famous heartthrobs. They were just actors who were completely normal to me...and I'd like to believe that's how I would be if I ever met them but nope! I'd turn into a newborn (human, not vampire)... pooping, peeing, drooling, and making coo-ing noises.

It looked a little something like this... minus the Comic Con stuff in the background

[Unfortunately this is the part where it gets sad and I hate to say it, but Rob Pattinson broke my little heart.] I was back and forth from my table to his in between lectures and he told me because of the media, we couldn't say that we were dating. He had to pretend to be dating someone else. Someone like a doctor or teacher. "Like that girl" he said, as a studious looking woman walked by his table. What I didn't understand was that I don't look like a super studious type but I'm not a blond bimbo looking chick either. So I just got extremely mad, said "Fine!" and stormed off back to my table. I went back and forth between my table and outside [not sure what I was doing because at this point I kept waking up from my dream but luckily I was able to fall back asleep and jump back into it.] Apparently I was friends with Taylor Lautner because him and I kept talking about it outside... and he eventually got Rob to change his mind, so we were back to dating. I sat down next to him at his table and he kissed me. Like really kissed me. A lot.  I remember thinking in my dream "So this is what it's like to kiss Robert's even better than it looks on screen!" Let me emphasize, IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE A DREAM!

Eventually Amanda and I convinced them to skip their flight and come hang out with us at our house for the night so we could go out and have some drinks. Again, if this was real life, and Rpattz was at my house, I wouldn't be leaving my house let alone the bedroom, just sayin. I also probably wouldn't be drinking because I would want to remember the entire night (ya know, cuz one drink turns into twenty and pretty soon I'm Blackout Betty.) Then for some reason (this is where I get pissed off again in my dream) Amanda said "I don't think they can come over... my boyfriend is coming over tonight" Seriously, are you freaking kidding me?!?! Boyfriend?!?! IT'S ROB AND TAYLOR! It was at this point I knew that I was dreaming, because Amanda would never ever give up the opportunity to have these guys come hang out with us and I'm pretty sure she would break up with whoever she was dating at the time for a chance to get it on with a warewolf (or someone who plays one in a movie...even if he is 10 years younger than her.)

That was pretty much where my alarm clock went off and I was abruptly brought back to reality. Usually I would still be pissed off about being woken up from such an amazing dream but I'm looking on the bright side... and it's a VERY bright side, my friends. I know some people don't remember their dreams, some people know they are dreaming and some people dream in black and white. But I was given this gift of having extremely vivid colorful dreams..they feel so real that when I wake up, it doesn't feel like a dream, it feels like a memory. And sometimes months or years later, I will still remember the dream and think "Did I dream that, or did that really happen?" This is the only reason, I'm not mad about being woken up. Because to me, it feels like a memory. A memory of making out with Robert Pattinson. How many people can say they have that memory burned into their brain?

Shut up Kristen Stewart, I'm not talking to you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Twilight....a healthy obsession, no?

Okay,'s been a while. I know, I suck at this. I'm waaaaay too busy reading other people's blogs and thinking "Omg, I need to blog!" than to actually sit my procrastinating ass down and write my own.

Currently, I'm obsessed with Twilight again. I can't do anything (as in read, think, work, sleep, eat, shower.........) without my thoughts somehow revolving around Twilight. I know you're probably thinking "Um, Jamie...don't you know Twilight came out like 100 years ago?!?" Yes, yes I do know that. And I started reading them back then when they first came out. I mean I don't wanna brag but all my Twilight books are first editions. I're jealous.

I googled "Twilight Jealous" and this came up. Damn right. Joe Jonas SHOULD be jealous of Rpattz.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Twilight. So the reason I'm thinking about it so much lately is because my dear best friend Amanda finally jumped aboard the vampire train. Not as in 'became one' but 'started loving them'. Just so there's no confusion. We talk about it non-stop (seriously, I don't think 5 minutes passes without one of us bringing it up) and we've discovered some AMAZING blogs about it. Our favorite one is Twitarded. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you these chicks are HI-LARIOUS and Amanda and I sometimes swear that they are our fraternal twins separated from us at birth. Some of their phrases and comments are things neither of us have ever heard anyone else say except for us and it's pretty damn awesome.

When Amanda started getting way into Twilight we talked about taking a trip to Forks, WA. Then one day we noticed an icon on Twitarded's blog. "*Attention* Are you going to Forks with Twitarded?" Um.....I wasn't before but HELL YES, I AM NOW!!!!!!
So it's planned. Amanda and I will leave for Washington in a little under 2 months and we couldn't be more excited (well, maybe if Rob Pattinson was going with us...but a girl can dream!).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Call Center for Idiots

Yeah, I know... I haven't blogged in almost a year. I started this blog thinking I'd do it more often but got caught up in deciding to do...well...nothing. So I'm starting back up again and hopefully this time, I'll be on my game.

So besides pretending to write blogs, I work for a telecommunications company (yeah, I know....livin the dream!!). I'm the office manager/receptionist and basically just do administrative work (aka facebooking and chatting online.) Because we have a lovely economy and business is quite the opposite of booming, I was cut down to part time. This change is super awesome for my love of sleep but not super awesome for my love of money.

This week my boss asked me to work full time because one of the guys (I work with all guys, 40-50 years old) is on vacation and they need me to cover the phones while he's gone. Pretty much, they are asking me to cover the guy who covers me while I'm sitting in my jammies at home and not getting paid. I said yes of course, because my funds are low and a lady needs to eat. What I was expecting for the week was to sit at my desk, be bored out of my mind and find fun things to do online. What I wasn't expecting was to receive the most random calls I've ever had in my 2.5 years of working for this company. I have now deemed my job as "The Call Center for Idiots".

In order to understand the randomness of these conversations, you need to probably know what our company does. We install phone systems, do wiring work for businesses, and set up phone services. We are not a call center like 411, nor are we AT&T, Verizon, or any other actual phone company. The following are the brilliant conversations with people who need a punch to the face.

Call Number 1: Voicemail Confusion

Me: "Good morning, (insert company name here), How can I help you?"

Really Old Man: " Hi. I found an ad in the paper and I tried to call it back but the number says it's disconnected. What do I do?"

Me: "Um....that's really not what we do here. We install phone systems"

R.O.M: "Huh??? Well what do I do? I've tried to call the number over and over and it's disconnected."

Me: "Really sir, I'm not sure. I guess they wrote the number down wrong or something. I guess if you want, you can call information and ask them." This was just me trying to get him off the phone because frankly he talked really slow and I hadn't finished my morning coffee. Me without coffee = Pissy Pants Polly.

R.O.M: "Well can I give you the number and you can call??

Me: "Um......................................sure?"

At this point I was tempted just to put him on hold for 30 seconds, get back on the phone and say it wasn't working. But I was bored and had nothing else to do, so I called the number and it went straight to voicemail. I hung up and clicked back over to the really old man, hoping we had been disconnected up while he fell asleep in his recliner with a glass of warm milk in his hand. Sadly, I was wrong.

Me: " I tried calling and it went to voicemail so you just need to leave a message and they will call you back."

R.O.M: "What?????"

Me: Leave....a.......message."

R.O.M: "What??? But the number is disconnected, and I kept calling but it had a message like it's disconnected. I'm just trying to answer this ad for a motor home but I can't because the number is disconnected."

Me: "No, it's not. It's a voicemail recording. Leave a message"

R.O.M: " It's a what???"


R.O.M: " Oh well I don't think so, I think it's disconnected. Can you give me the number?"

Me: "What? No. It's the same number you just gave me."

R.O.M: "You want me to give you my number?"

Me: "No. You should just call 411 and talk to them."

R.O.M: "911?????"

Me: "4!!! 1!!! 1!!!"

R.O.M: "Oh okay, I will"

Me: "Okay bye."

Seriously?? SERIOUSLY?? Dude, you're trying to buy a motor home but you don't know what voicemail is? I'm pretty sure he tried to say something else or ask me another question about his number/a phone/what 411 was. But I was over it. Hopefully I never get that senile because if I do, I'm probably just going to break away from society in hopes that people don't get that annoyed at me.

For the record, I love old people. I think they are sweet and cute... plus it's awesome that they have seen so many things in life that our generation hasn't. But this guy was ridiculous.

So I hung up from that fun filled phone call and immediately the phone rang. I rolled my eyes and cried on the inside hoping that it's not Old Man Rivers calling to ask me more intellectual questions. Fortunately for me, It wasn't "Really Old Man.... on the other end was this little gem instead.

Call #2: You're the idiot

Me: "(Insert Company name here)." Yes, I shortened it because I wasn't wanting to talk

Complicated Man: "Hi, I need to buy a phone."

Me: "Okay, let me transfer you to a sales person"

All of our sales guys (or both of our sales guys since we are a REALLY small office ) weren't at their desks so I transferred him to voicemail (aka "an answering machine"). Lucky me, the phone rang again and I noticed it was the same number.

Me: "Hello?" (yep, that's what I said...professional, I know.)

C.M: "Hi. I just called to buy a phone and got a voicemail. "

Me: "Yeah, everyone is either away from their desks or on the phone, if you leave a message, they will call you back."

C.M.: "Oh. Can I give you my number so they can call me back?"

Me: "It would probably be best to leave a voicemail, they will check them before they talk to me."

C.M.: (In a tone that makes me sound like I'm an idiot because he's wasting his time speaking to me and not a voicemail) "Well then can you just transfer me to their voicemail?!?"

Call me crazy, but isn't that what I did in the first place? Love people like that. And last but not least, I received this message today after I had stepped away from my desk for a 15 minute break.

Call #3- Rude Biotch

RB: " Well I was calling to have you set up a whole new new system and internet service and whatever else you can offer at my new office... but seeing as you guys aren’t answering your phone, I guess that’s not going to happen."

Wow. I was at a loss for words and I'm pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off my desk. I was so tempted to call this lady back and say "Look biotch, I don't know what throne you climbed down off of but in this country, when someone doesn't answer their phone...there is probably a good reason for it. In the professional world, we don't leave messages like that unless you work for Bitchaholics Anonymous which you obviously do." Fortunately we have caller ID and I passed the message along to a much more professional and less hot tempered co-worker. He called her back and she said she was semi-joking and was going to call us back later. I guess that was her idea of an April fools joke but in my book jokes are funny, not full of PMS and hatred.

Hope everyone had an awesome April fools day!!! I'm glad this week is almost over so I can go back to the normalcy of sitting in front of my T.V. in jammies and maybe look for a new job.