Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals For My 29th Year Of Life.

Wow I almost forgot about My Awkward Lyfe! By that I mean the blog...I would never actually forget that my life is awkward.

I figured I might just start writing on this again because I'm trying to get my awkward ass in shape. I don't really care if anyone reads this (I do love you all though and appreciate any comments!) because it's not going to be literary genius or excitement in any way. It's mainly just because I really want to make some changes in my life and documenting them might be the only way to keep with it. If I don't stick with it, I give all of my followers full permission to throw rotten tomatoes at me next time you see me.

First thing in my life needing a change is my body. I just dont feel great. I'm always tired, my clothes are too tight and in general, I just want to be healthier. Growing up, I was always the girl who didn't need to work out. I was in dance from age 5 to age 10 and was a cheerleader from age 11 to age 17 and I was skinnnnnnny. After high school, I remained that teeny, with a few short months here and there due to birth control and eating panda express for weeks straight.

So these are my waaaay before pictures. Taken in 2006.

Ignore my face, I thought our teeny rental car was awesome.

I definitely don't want to be this skinny again and prob can't.. but I miss fitting in to my clothes.

Yes that guy is wearing a thong. But I miss being able to be comfortable in a bikini.

 These are my "Now" pics.
Blurry pic.. I was trying to suck in my tummy but decided to look 6 months prego instead.

I'm sick of wearing a ton of layers to hide muffin top. I want to wear a skirt and a tank top again!

I want look at pics of me like this and not critique everything I see.

I realize that a lot of people are probably like "shut up, your pics from before were way to skinny" and I agree. I was too tiny even though I ate ALL the time. I knew it, my friend's knew it and that's why I went on an ice cream sandwich diet for a week to try and gain 5 lbs. My mom is teeny tiny skinny so it runs in the family but somehow along the way, my metabolism changed and I stopped being able to eat any food in sight without consiquences to the way I look and feel.

I want to be able to go into my closet and have my pick of everything in sight to wear that day, instead of a few select outfits that are comfortable and hide my flaws. I want to go shopping and not cringe every time I try on clothes because I can't zip them up when they are a size L (most of this is due to the fact that my boobs grew three sizes. I will miss them when they go away). I miss not being exhausted and sick ALL the time. I miss wearing a bathing suit and only being mildly self concious. I don't miss being called twiggy...but then again I do a little bit. I want to drop two pant sizes and be toned and curvy, not just skinny.  I don't care about weight. I care about health.

So due to the above wish list, I am setting some goals for the last year of my twenties. They shouldn't be difficult goals to achieve if I just get my ass off twitter/blogs/gchat for 20 minutes a day and do something active.  Instead of making a huge list of goals, I will go week by week and change up my goals to make them easier. I firmly believe that if you want to make a lot of life changes, you don't do them all at once or you will get overwelmed and just give up. I think starting with one small goal and working your way up is the way to go.

So here is my first goal.

Week #1-  20 minutes of exercise each day for 7 days (yes, even Saturday aka my Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday).

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I like your plan to be healthy. There are a lot of us out there with the same goal. We can be a support for each other.

    I know you can do your goal for week one. If you get home and don't want to go outside, hit the stairs in you home or to your home for 5 rotations, then do a serious of jumping jacks, followed by running in place. Then do it all over again. You will be surprised how fast that 20 minutes will fly by.

    Good luck!!! You can DO THIS!!!

  2. Aw Jaymes, I do love you despite the fact that your "before" would be my "after" But then our goals change as we age (not that I'm that old), and I know its no longer realistic for me to expect to weigh what I did in high school.

    You can do it bb! I think setting achievable goals is key, that way you won't get bogged down and overwhelmed.

    I need to do it too, and I need someone to help me get and stay motivated. You can stalk my fat ass on twitter/email. Enough of this already, time to make some changes! Srsly, what if this is the year I meet RPattz on my trip to London!!! #BestMotivationEver

  3. and by your "before" I mean now. And btw, I'm pretty sure it's the cut of that dress. You do not look pregnant!

  4. @Miss Tejota- Thanks luv! I have my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred's 25 minutes long but it's an ass kicker and hopefully it gets my butt in shape. I'm hoping we can all motivate each other :)

    @smitten- I agree, it's defnitely not realistic to expect to look like we did in high school...metabolisms change and bodies change. I just want to be a healthy h00r! And yes, the RPattz diet is a good motivation.... I'm getting in shape and ready for the day I end up seeing 100 Monkeys and Jackson falls madly in love with me :)

  5. Small goals. Argh. I suck at small goals. That is where a lot of my problem lies. I just think of the end result I want and that causes me to fail every stinking time. I'm so impatient so I get sick of doing things quick. I will also be 29 this year, in April. I would defenitely like to get things back on track before I'm 30. I want to be a happy 30, not a dissappointed one. Thanks for posting this and all the comments you put on twitter that say you are working out or anything like that. They really help to encourage and because of them I made some better eating choices this weekend. Keep up the good work girlie!

  6. My two cents - it is possible that food allergies could be causing your issues. I gained so much weight when I was sick, once I went gluten free I lost 40 pounds. I have gained 20 back but am at a healthy weight now. It might be worth a check with an allergist or your doctor to see what might have caused the change.

    I was just thinking we should have work out sessions when we are all on Twitter - just all of a sudden some yells out exercise!! and we all break to do something. Living with Edward brought that up on DML when StarlitViolets had "Skip" as one of the words and LwE said "oh I thought when we got to #5 we would all skip around our rooms." LOL!!!

  7. You & me bb!! I have the same goal u do. I wanna be able to wear whats in my closet, including my wedding dress if I want to. I have gained like 40 lbs in the last few years and I'm done with it. I have made a promise to me that I am going to do better. Eat better & workout, I dont expect miracles, but it would be nice to wear my favorite jeans again. I <3 u girlie & I know u can do it. Jackson won't be able to resist you ;)

  8. We have the same issue. :D And the same goal. I've never been this big in my life. I'm not fat, and most people even tell me I look good, but I don't like the way my stomach feels when I sit. Or that my legs are full of cellulite. Yuck.
    So,I discovered the website. It's exactly what I needed. All you have to do is state what your goal is, and they provide you with the exercise you need to do. I haven't started yet, because I've had a cold for the past 7 days, but honestly, I can't wait. And most of all, I can't wait to see the results.

    So awesome that we're in the same boat. We could cheer each other on. :D

  9. You're gorgeous darling! If I could, I'd write a decent post, but instead, i'll just say MWAH xxxxx

  10. My Leemis... this is awesome. I hope that you are happy and healthy in your fabulous 29th year of life. Hope you keep this site updated as much as Boarderline, would love to know how it's going.... Love you bunches, Hime Gaudalupe Ortega!

  11. @LEW- I am the EXACT same way. If I don't notice a change within a week, I'm like "screw this, it isn't working... I'm over it" and I give up whatever excercise/eating habits I've started. I would love to enter in to being 30 as happy and healthy as well so hopefully we can both stop with our impatient ways and just stick to it. :)

    @Dangr- I was thinking food allergies as well. I've cut out a LOT of gluten but not all the way. I'm definitely better about it than I used to be and I eat more veggies and chicken now..but I should really cut it out all the way. And hahahahahahhaha about LwE!!! That lady is funny as hell. We definitely should yell out something like "EXERCISE!" oorr "SKIP" on twitter and then all just leave to go work out. That would be awesome :)

    @Norcaltwitard- I'm so glad we have the same goals! Hopefully we both stick to them and by the time FOOOORKS rolls around we will be able to wear whatever the hell we want with no problem. :)

    @Jelena-I'll have to check out that website! I think I actually was on it last year for a bit but then forgot about it. Hopefully I'll hop back on it! Thanks for the reminder bb. And yes, lets definitely cheer each other on. Damn...if only I still fit in my cheer uniform haha.

    @Twikiwi-Thanks luv bug!! And NO MORE WRITING! Get that hand better. I'll have someone come over there and handcuff you if that's what it takes. And I'll make sure he's hot too.

    @Val- Your words this morning meant a lot to me...thank you so so much for the words of encouragement!!! Miss and luv you tons and bundles Bal!

  12. Goals are great and yours are definitely attainable. Keep working at it every day, you'll reach them.

    I have to concur with DD. When I cut gluten (and dairy) from my life, I lost any post baby weight I'd been holding onto. My kids are now5 and 7 and I'm under my high school weight, which luckily is a very healthy weight for my not-so- tall stature. And when a friend, as well as my mom, tried my diet, not only did the health issues that had been plaguing them subside, they both lost more than 30 lbs.

    Let me know if I can help. Just promised to wake a friend up every morning so they make it to the gym!

  13. How the hell did I wind up here 3 & 1/2 months after the post? Keep after it hun. You're still young enough to do it! Even if you yo-yo up and down, don't give it up.

    Don't obsess. It's not about weight, it's about being healthy, and especially it's about LIVING your life. Don't get complacent. Time slips by so quickly, you don't want to wake up one day and say WTF?